Room XI


Room XI: Christmas Tree Initiative (2017)

Room XI had its first annual Christmas Tree Initiative in 2017. With the help of Boys & Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area and Team Home Depot, We were able to get donations of 45 Christmas Trees. These Christmas went to muiltiple families who need a Christmas Tree Last season. We were able to give 15+ kids Christmas Tree's as well as one to a Boys & Girls Club.

We took our remaining trees to the 'Christmas In Millwoods' event where we made a Mock Festival of Tree's allowing families to walk around and decorate the tree's together. Families at the event took the tree's home and Mount Carmel Bible School took the remaining Tree's for their annual Christmas Concert.

Our goal was to get 40 Tree's for 40 Families. We were able to get 45 tree's and were able to do something not just for the families and the community. Thank you to all of our Partners for the continued support and we look forward to doing this again next year.

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