Room XI


Room XI: #YEG Christmas Tree Initiation

The Room XI: #YEG Christmas Tree Initiative is officially underway. 

Christmas Tree's are something that can be taken for granted, though many families who celebrate the tradition still don't have one. 

We realized that many people have old trees and/or decorations lying around their basement waiting to be trashed. Our plan is to recycle these tree's and ornaments and give them to families who don't have them.

All we ask: Please donate an old Christmas and/or ornaments. 

All you have to do: Send us an email at and we will schedule a pick up time. (Edmonton & Area Only)

Our goal is 40 Christmas Tree's in new homes by December 22nd. Any more would be even better. 

If you don't have one, sharing the message to friends and family around the city would be super helpful. 

If you have or know someone who has. Tell them to send an email to 

Thank you for your support

Merry Christmas