Room XI


Prince Mopheme ft Erick Rush & Nelz_SA - PUSH

"Vuzu Hustle season 1 alumni, Prince Mopheme, Erick Rush, and Nelz huddle up for a brand new single dedicated to the story of a hustler. PUSH, titled after the commonly shared meaning for the phrase, "Pray until something happens," is a stealthy track that sees each artist show up on the track.

The laid back, yet potent track, is headed by the gifted Zoocci Coke Dope on production while Nelz' commanding vocals man the hook before the boys jump on. Prince opens the track rapping about his stature and level of focus showing his hunger for the game. Erick Rush, whom fans have been missing a lot since he moved back home to Alberta, Canada, comes right after that with his signature deep voice and confidence feeling himself about his game before Nelz sends the track off. She just dropped her impressive EP today and she fades the track out with a few bossy lines, for control and supervision of course. This is an airtight show by these three, you're sure going to enjoy the listen."

What ya'll think of this SA X YEG Collabo?