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Kareem Waris: 11-year-old Artist Creates Amazing Life-Like Works

"Kareem Waris Olamilekan, an 11-year-old boy living in Lagos, Nigeria, has blown away the art world with his hyperrealistic portraits and skilled drawings. And Olamilekan recently drew the praise of French President Emmanuel Macron during the latter’s visit to Fela Kuti's New Africa Shrine in Lagos on Tuesday, July 3.

Olamilekan, who says he  draws inspiration from artists like Michelangelo and fellow Nigerian portraitist Arinze Stanley Egbengwu, managed to produce a stunning portrait of Macron in just two hours.

Olamilekan works from a makeshift art studio in a poor neighborhood in Lagos, where he primarily uses pencil to create incredibly detailed portraits of friends, family, and notable figures, according to My Modern Met . He also occasionally incorporates ballpoint pen, paint, and pastels into his drawings."

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