Room XI



Room XI sound engineer, Nolan Ryan, releases his first official project titled "Cheese". This 4 track EP consist of melodic verses and courses backed by street style instrumentals where Nolan talks about the lifestyle and struggles faced by someone who hustles to make a living. You've heard this story a million times especially in hip-hop, but everything you are hearing was done by Nolan Ryan himself under his studio persona known as NOQUESTIONWHO

 Nolan Ryan has worked for several years as part of an Edmonton record label known as Room XI. He has helped the other members of Room XI including Danny Cash, Erick Rush, Makahil and Yonas Red craft their sound and help them get it out to the masses. From the visuals for the recent music video release "Deep" to the production behind the vocals, Nolan was there building and shaping this music from the ground up. This EP has four tracks on it, two of them with support from label mates Danny Cash and Erick Rush, while the other two tracks are more provocative while still staying true to the theme of the project. Recently Nolan has started his own production business where he looks to help other artists develop their sound and get their music heard physically and seen visually around the world. More details to come in regards to that but as for now he's looking to make a impact on the local scene with his new project called "Cheese"

He has a lot in store for this project as well as new fresh ideas to bring to the hip-hop community. This is someone you defiantly want to keep your eye on in 2018. The whole team at Room XI has a lot in store for not only Edmonton but around the world, if you've not already heard of them it's only a matter of time till you do. 

Cheese is available on all streaming service as well as it can be streamed on