Room XI

Danny Cash


Danny Cash is a well known up and comer, currently trying to break out of the local scene with an abundance of RnB styled hip-hop tracks. With his mother living in Alberta and father living in California his sense of music was considered kind of unusuaL the way it could switch From gangster rap to soft melodies

Danny's most influential artist throughout time have been artists such as, Big L 2pac Michael Jackson Anthony Hamilton and Joe. Many have yet to hear alot of his new material, but it has been said that he has taken some time off to get focused on delivering the hard hitting emotional music that he is well known for.

Although he has not hit the pinnacles he has planned to reach, his accolades far exceed your basic local rapper. Getting nominated for Rnb single of the year at the Edmonton Music Awards really gave him the push and dedication he needed for stepping into the RnB world. In hopes of getting constant airplay, his main goal is to have his whole album charting on the billboard hot 100's.