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New Age Voyage


When the Legendary Wyclef Jean first heard Erick Rush, He immediately saw the future in the young rapper. Wyclef Jean described him as “unstoppable”, praising his rhyme style and poetry. He also commented on the rapper’s ability to tell a story claiming, “You paint that picture, and it’s clear, I see exactly whats going on.”   Erick took these words and never looked back since.

2016 couldn't have ended on a higher note for Erick Rush.  He dropped Swoosh, finished his marketing degree, and then laid down 3 classic verses on Nasty C's album 'Bad Hair' which stole the hearts of hip hop heads worldwide.

To maintain the momentum, he began went back home to Canada and began working on #NewAgeVoyage.

"Going home renergizes me, it helps me re-focus, and it pumps my inspiration to its highest level. I knew things were about to start picking up with my career so the plan was to go home, touch base with my family and city, and work on a project with a concept that documented it all. This project is called the #NewAgeVoyage. It's a fairly personal project that celebrates the year I've had with songs like 'Celebration' and continues to anticipate a great year to come." – Erick Rush

The concept picks up right after #BadHair's release, then goes on to songs like 'all access' and 'memory foam' that talk about being in your city and all the shenanigans that goes with being back at home with your day ones and people who watched you grow up. Songs like 'Mama's House' & 'All Ball' speak on the emotions and frustration one goes through and the sacrifices one has to make in order to keep a dream alive.

The project was released at the beginning of the year to great reviews. describes 'New Age Voyage' as “Musically Artistic” packing “quality, class, Valid content and [a] message.”  He has crafted a sound for himself that is unique to him. describes his work as authentic and original to his sound and flavour. The 13 Track project is now available for stream and download on all major platforms.